We've been called crazy, simple, and crazy again, but hey, we've been called worse...... 

We believe that if you pour heart and soul into something, it is given life. 

We also believe in doing what you set out to do really, REALLY well.

Every single Purdy Tube Amps product is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and care, one at a time, by one man.

As a result, we believe that we create peerless boutique tube amplifiers and handbuilt effects pedals that deliver nothing but the purest tone - the true voice of your instrument.

Ask anyone who has played through one of our amplifiers or with one of our pedals and they'll tell you,  - there is nothing truer or more pure in a guitar amplifier than a Purdy Tube Amp, and nothing sounds as good or as true to the original as a Purdy Tube Amps effects pedal. 

Own a piece of the legend before it's time. 

Own a Purdy, and Own the Tone