Purdy Tube Amps Pedals

Built one at a time by hand, by the same master craftsman that builds each of our amplifiers - the Purdy Tube Amps Pedals are a great way to to experience some of our legendary sound, with your own gear.

We build pretty well everything you could ever need to get that classic tone out of your amplifier, and deliver them as a pedal so that you can put it into the front of the amplifier - where it should be.

The classic sounds of the 60's with our Fuzz, Overdrive, or Tremolo, or even our Reverb -which is the closest you'll get to a tank without having to invest in the springs. We also offer a "Boost" - giving you the semblance of an extra, footswitchable boosted clean channel, without bogging down your signal chain. 

Leveraging discreet analog components, Purdy's "Pure Signal Path (PSP)" technology, and starting at $169.95, our Purdy Tube Amps Pedals are priced well below other boutique pedals, and deliver second to none sonic range,  and value for the dollar.

Purdy Tube Amps Pedals - what you've been waiting for. 




The one that started it all! The Fuzz was the first pedal we built, and easily still one of our best.

Modelled after the most famous Fuzz pedal ever, and Hand Built with premium, modern (ie: reliable) components, the Fuzz is going to deliver you a whole new tool when it's time to get dirty.


Click HERE for a video demo of the Fuzz



Something that every modern guitar player requires is a distortion pedal.

The Hand Built Red Distortion is the misbegotten child of the Fuzz and Overdrive pedals - and offers a tight, crisp distortion sound along with a heavy bottom.  



Click HERE for a video demo of the Distortion 


Sometimes too much can be just that - too much. 

The Overdrive was created to give you that "Just Enough Dirt" sound - when you're looking for a little more grit and grind to cut through and make your point, but not so much that it changes your music's genre - reach for the Hand Built Purdy Tube Amps OverDrive.

Click HERE for a video demo of the Overdrive 



The Purdy Tube Amps Delay pedal is a thing of beauty. 

Whether you're playing something progressive, classic Floyd, or just messing around with a new riff - We feel that there isn't a better Hand Built delay pedal on the market.  


Like a Jet Pack for your sound - the Boost is designed give you a "jump up" in the volume department.  

Great for lead break, or just adding a little bit of fat Hand Built JFET tone to your signal - The boost does what it's told - and does it really well.

Click HERE for a video demo of the Boost 


A versatile musician deserves a versatile Hand Built pedal - especially when it comes to Chorus. 

Giving you everything from a little bit of extra "sparkle" to a full on "shimmer" that would make Ziggy Stardust's stage outfits look plain - the Purdy Tube Amps Chorus is built to suit a wide range of playing styles and requirements. 


What used to be built into the amplifier and used with a footswitch is now built into the footswitch and used with the amplifier. Far better than having the effect shoehorned into your circuit, and sounding every bit as good as the classic black faced counterparts - The Purdy Tube Amps Hand Built Tremolo Pedal delivers crisp, clean trem without putting junk in your trunk.

Click HERE for a video demo of the Tremolo 


More often than not, the Phaser is a misunderstood piece of gear, and we think that this sweet, often overlooked effect pedal could use a little extra time in the sun.

Warm, clean, and adding that slick "moving around the room" feeling, with the Purdy Tube Amps Hand Built phaser, you'll be getting swirly in no time! 


Who doesn't love reverb? Actually, if that's you - maybe you should leave. 

The Purdy Tube Amps Hand Built reverb pedal is like no other. In fact - if you can find a better reverb sound without a spring in it, we'd like to know about it.

Meticulously crafted to sound as close to our hand built tube reverb tanks as we could possibly get - the Red Reverb offers you all of the sound you're looking for - from just a little shimmer to cut through for a break, all the way to a space surf sound that will put a smile on your face (even if it doesn't do that for everyone in the room….)

Click HERE for a video demo of the Reverb


A "must have" for country and blues players alike…..The Hand Built Compressor from Purdy Tube Amps delivers a sonic squeeze that makes your chicken pickin' sound that much better, and your warm tubey bends sound like they've been wrapped in the loving embrace of the blues.