It all started with a passion for tone. 

A "retirement project" to rebuild classic amplifiers that were true to the original, instead of what commonly passes for "quality" today.

Somewhere along the way, there was a spark, lightning struck, and in that instant inspiration crept in and never let go.

This inspiration became the genesis of the quest for the ultimate tone, the desire to really create something better, different, and pure.

Not happy to simply mimic the work of others, and wanting to give something back to the world of music that has given us so very much, Purdy Tube Amps was born, and circuits, components, design, really, everything was taken back to the drawing board, analyzed, distilled to it's essence and only the purest, truest elements were extracted for use. 

The simple philosophy of less is being more - and the belief that pure, honest-to-goodness tone is really what true musicians and artists are looking for drives everything we do. 

Every component in every product that we produce has been carefully selected for it's reliability, consistency, durability and performance according to our exacting criteria.

From the Finger Jointed Pine cabinets, to the custom designed and built transformers that are exclusive to Purdy Tube Amps, to the Jensen and Celestion speakers that we put into our amplifiers - right down to the transistors that we use in our Fuzz pedals having the same optimum operating range as the orignal Germanium ones that gave Hendrix, Cream and so many others that unique sound  - EVERYTHING is done with unabashed attention to detail, care, and love. 

There are no extras, no garbage to bog down your signal in a Purdy Tube Amp - only the cleanest, most well engineered, designed and executed circuit that you've ever laid eyes on - a world class build that houses our "Pure Signal Path" technology and our unique design configuration that delivers the truest, purest tone. 

The result? An absolutely peerless product that satisfies even the toughest critics, and most devout worshippers of the Gods of Tone. 

After years of development, testing, re-testing and re-re-testing, we have created exceedingly high quality tube amplifiers that capture the essence of classic guitar tone, without taking anything away from the signal chain. 

Building everything one at a time, by hand, takes a lot of work, and a lot of heart, but the result is always worth it.

 We hope that your love of tone lasts a lifetime, your Purdy Tube Amps products certainly will.