The grandaddys of tube amp tone, Tweed style circuits that originated in the 50's are still sought after today for thier warm, buttery, bluesy tone, and their wide sonic range that captures subtle sonic nuances much like a tube Hi-Fi system would. 

From Nashville to Chicago, New York to the Mississippi Delta, if you're looking for range from classic, warm and rich clean tones, to the hellhound on my trail  overdriven tube tone, the Tweed is going to more than satisfy your tone jones. 

Built with finger jointed pine cabinets, covered in period correct cotton tweed that is sealed with aged, nitrocellulose lacquer, and finished with the all the details such as Chicken Head knobs, a chrome chassis, and a real leather handle, all Purdy Tube Amps look as incredible outside as they do inside.

We often say, they look almost as good as they sound. 

The Tweed is currently available in three configurations:

1x12' (Jensen Speakers)

2x10' (Jensen Speakers)

2x12' (Jensen Speakers)

Starting at just $1,595.00, the Tweed Series is certain to deliver what you're looking for.